Lose Yourself

Lose yourself
In the rum of the night
Flaming eyes in tequila drops
Iron sand in salty shots
Run to your mothers
Mothers of runners
Father your yacht is only big enough for one
And the sun, sea and the sky
But they might come in handy
I get so lonely
Asking the walls if it’s alright
Why they can’t sleep at night?
The screaming is terrifying, the dust pointed to me
Through this conduit you may address the jury
In the rooms and the halls
Behind closed doors
Tearing bodies open with my teeth and my claws
When blood comes, the taste of truth is subtle on the tongue
Call your daughter, it’s your mother
Calling for your brother asking for your father
He’s run
Asking for guidance
Asking where to find her

Passed by the poker
Quickened hands of planned chaos
A board, a banker, a stoker and a soul to accompany the flames as they falter
Monopolised now this mayhem revolts her
Father he showed me I can be beautiful
He took of my clothes
He said I made him weep, because I looked like a flower
He gets worried I will lose my petals
Or shrivel up and never look the same again
When he touched me again I was just a stem
He was my petals now
We were paper thin, unfettered fragility
But he tore me open
Now where do I go to hide



By Seb Lloyd

Writer, South London

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